Why people love it
  • Fantastic bra for larger cup sizes and plus sizes
  • Perfect amount of support
  • So comfortable you can sleep in it

Comfort and support are a major concern when it comes to finding any bra, let alone one you have to wear when your breasts are engorged with milk and seemingly changing sizes every day. This double plus nursing bra was made specifically for women with larger cup sizes during and after pregnancy—and it comes in band sizes all the way up to 46.



Comfort: Women absolutely love how supremely comfortable these nursing bras are, whether they’re wearing them at work, at home, or while sleeping.

Support: Despite the wireless design of this bra, no one has had any issues with support and that’s most likely due to the full cup design and the wide bottom band that holds everything in place.

Convenience: Much like Bravado’s other nursing bras on this list, users don’t have any issues using one hand to release the nursing clips or pull down their cups to breastfeed.

Price: This is probably the cheapest you’re going to find a Bravado bra going for, so take advantage of it! It’s a keeper!

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