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  • Best in support and comfort
  • Attractive selection of colors
  • Feels like you’re wearing nothing at all

Most of the time when searching for what other reviewers and experts have to say about what the best product, there usually isn’t one unanimous winner like there was in this case. From Lucie’s List to Babble, and  Baby Center to Pregnant Chicken, all the mommy and pregnancy bloggers agree (as do we) that the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra is the very best.

There were a number of customers that had issues with the sizing on this one. To be on the safe side, we’d suggest trying these on in store if you can first. They’re such a great investment, it’d be a shame to have the experience tainted by bad sizing.


Comfort: With soft, four-way stretch fabric and a wireless design, this nursing bra does comfortable like no other. Customers have even worn this bra to bed!

Support: For starters, you’ve got foam inserts that help maintain your shape and keep your breasts in place. The four-way stretch also contributes to the added support by keeping you firmly in place regardless of how large or small your breasts get.

Convenience: Like with other Bravado nursing bras, this nursing bra has a full drop-away cup design and easy to use nursing clips that make this bra very convenient.

Price: Mid-range pricing for a high-quality bra. You can’t beat it!

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