Best Bikini Trimmer Epilator

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579
  • Perfect for epilating your bikini line
  • Highly efficient epilator; great for very fine body hair
  • Durable, reliable, and easy to use
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Extra broad epilating head, highly efficient at removing hair, precision plucking, compatible with wet or dry use, mostly painless with regular use, includes a shaver head and trimmer cap, facial brush effective for exfoliating skin, gentle sensation, pivoting head adapts to body contours, and removes even very fine hairs.

Pricey and not as good for epilating face.


Performance: For those who want a longer-lasting solution for pubic hair, this epilator is an option to consider. It will take some getting used to the pain of the plucking (pretty gnarly on your sensitive areas), but the pain will decrease over time. Epilators not only increase hair re-growth time, but can actually make the hairs grow back thinner and finer—ideal if you want to reduce the frequency of trimming.

The epilator is a highly reliable and durable machine, made by German manufacturer Braun. It's intended for wet and dry use, so it's fully waterproof and can be used with lotion, cream, gel, or on its own. Thanks to the MicroGrip tweezer technology, each pass of the epilator's extra broad head (with 40% more epilating real estate) will remove more and finer hairs. The epilator can give you up to 4 weeks of smooth, hair-free skin—excellent for less frequent summer trims.

It will be painful at first, but the pain decreases over time. A bit of discomfort can be well worth it in order to spend less time worrying about an untidy bikini line.

Features: The epilating head is highly efficient and much broader than the average epilator, so fewer passes are required to remove the hair. The massaging attachment uses gentle vibrations and pulses to loosen the follicles' grip on the hairs, making the removal easier and less painful. With the armpit attachment, you have an easy way to get into those curves (including the thigh/leg crease).

The epilator even comes with a trimmer head, which makes it easier to tidy up any hair you want to leave in place (landing strip). The charging stand makes it easy for you to refill the battery—roughly 10 hours of charge time for 20 to 30 minutes of run time. There's even a facial cleansing brush to help you exfoliate your skin (face as well as bikini line) to eliminate dead cells, fight acne, and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.

Price: At $110, this is one heck of a pricey addition to your grooming kit. On the flip side, it can be used not just for your bikini line, but for your legs, back, and face. It's a top-of-the-line epilator that is built to last for years.


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