Braun FP3020 Food Processor

Best Christmas Gift for the Wife Who Loves to Cook

Why people love it
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Wonderfully easy to clean
  • Loads of useful attachments

Occasionally, the slicing and shredding blades get a little clogged up. That’s rare. If you’re really looking for a complaint, it’s the lack of a parts storage box.


Features: No matter how much someone loves to cook, all that chopping, dicing, slicing, and whatnot takes a toll. We’re not suggesting that you whip a food processor out every day, but a food processor is a must for anyone that truly enjoys cooking.

We’re fans of the quiet operation of this machine and the 5.5” super-wide chute. The 12-cup capacity makes a big difference, especially when cooking for the freezer or big meals. And, it’s not that big of a machine.  

You get seven attachments with the most basic model, but you can pay a bit more for nine attachments. It’s surprisingly energy efficient and there is cord storage underneath. Another plus is the measurements on the side of the jug.

The downside? According to Chop Chop Labz, there are none. But, we’re more likely to agree with Consumer Well which lament the lack of control features (you get different speeds, but not many other options).

Price: You can certainly spend a lot more for a food processor, but you could equally spend less. This food processor is easily the best in its price range and really saves a lot of time in the kitchen. Any wife that really loves preparing meals for her family is going to dig this.

Just a final note: if your wife already has a food processor and barely uses it, you may want to consider a television in the kitchen or a decent knife. Both make cooking a lot more fun. 

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