Best Ear Thermometer for Babies

Braun Ear Thermometer
  • Reads temperature accurately
  • Easy to use
  • Works quickly
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The pre-warmed tip offers faster accuracy and the memory function provides the last recorded temperature. Smarter than many thermometers, this one tells you if it’s positioned correctly.

Some users find the temperature reading isn’t as consistent as they would like.


This is a top-rated and well-respected baby thermometer across the globe. Now, it’s not a Smart gadget, but we’re not sure it needs to be. The features it does have, this thermometer excels at – and there are a few of those. Our favorite may be the positioning system, but we’re also fans of the reading tip covers that stop the spread of germs. Given the price, we think you really should take a look at this thermometer now.

Type of thermometer: Ear

Age recommendation: Anyone from infants to adults – go for it!

Power source: Two AA batteries, included.

Reading time: You can expect a reading in seconds, which is really useful for squirmy babies and worried parents.

Cleaning instructions: To prevent scratching of the reading tip, this Braun thermometer works with “lens filters” – little caps to place on the tip before each use. As you would expect, this helps with the cleaning process as the thermometer itself doesn’t touch the person itself. You should, obviously, wipe the body of the thermometer after every use and many still recommend an alcohol swab.

Getting an accurate reading: A terrific feature of this thermometer is the ExacTemp system. Using sounds and lights, it helps guide you into the correct position for the most accurate reading. That goes hand in hand with the high rating results on independent consumer organization tests and the international awards this company consistently receives.

Smart features: Nope. Sorry.

Other features: We appreciate the memory function that pulls up the last temperature reading. This is truly helpful when trying to track a fever or illness over the course of a day.

Will it break the bank? The thermometer itself has a MSRP of $50, though you are likely to find it for less. It comes with 21 lens filters and a protective case. Now, you will need to keep a supply of those lens filters on hand, but you can pick up a 40 pack for less than $10 (often, much less than $10).


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