Braun Cruzer 6

Best Wet/Dry Body Groomer

Why people love it
  • Compatible with both wet and dry shaving conditions
  • Excellent for dealing with body hair in your more sensitive areas
  • Highly reliable device with top-quality shaver/razor heads

Shaving blades will require regular replacements and this is not the most effective trimmer.


Performance: If you want to eliminate ALL body hair, not just trim, you'll love what the Cruzer 6 can do. The fine teeth of the shaver are highly efficient at dealing with hair in sensitive areas while reducing nicks and cuts. Thanks to the power of the German-engineered motor, the trimmer will cut through just about any texture or thickness of hair.

The trimmer is designed for a wet/dry shave, meaning it's fully waterproof and can be used in the shower. It delivers a beautifully close shave, though the trimming settings aren't as efficient. The Gillette shave heads are very high quality, but you will need to replace them regularly. You'll find it's an amazing trimmer to help reduce irritation and get rid of your body hair like a boss!

Features: The trimmer comes with three adjustable combs, though there isn't as much versatility as you might like. The Gillette five-blade shaver head will slice through coarse and thick hairs with ease. The multiple attachments (shaver, trimmer, combs, etc.) are easy to change out, making for a quick shave.

Though it's designed for both trimming and shaving, it truly shines as a razor. The battery life isn't stellar, and the lack of swivel head means it's tough to trim in nooks and crannies. However, thanks to the powerful motor, you can shave off all your body hair with ease!

Price: At $80, this is one of the priciest body trimmers on our list. It delivers an amazing quality shave but only a decent quality trim—a great option mainly for guys who want total hairlessness.

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