For a pair of dumbbells you can use for literally ANY weighted workout, it doesn't get better than these bad boys!

  • Adjustable from 5 to 52.5 pounds
  • Switch weight in seconds
  • Compact; eliminates the need for multiple weights

LeBron James does a lot of strength training, and a pair of dumbbells like these will be perfect for your at-home resistance training workout!

What the Reviewers Say:

  • The handle is ergonomic to fit the palm of your hand and the grip feels good and natural during lifting. The handle is thicker than a dumbbell and I prefer it to the thinner dumbbell handles.
  • Although unlike traditional dumbbells, you can't drop these on the ground after a set. They are fairly sturdy, but I would be very nervous about dropping these from any height over about 5".
  • The nice thing about this design, is that the two ends of the dumbbell don't have to be the same weight. You can set the dial to 10lbs on one end and 30 lbs on the other. This will effectively put 5lbs on one end of the bar and 15lbs on the other.
  • The main advantages the SelectTechs have with P90X is the ability to select smaller weight increment, and being able to make weight changes quickly.

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