These planters are taking the world by storm at the moment. Indeed, they aren't your mother's hanging plant baskets.

  • Includes a ceiling hook, plastic plug, and suspension wires
  • float-stick indicates the water level
  • Boskke's Slo-Flo irrigation technology



Up there... out of the way, what better place to plants some plants? The Boskke Sky Planter lets you do just that. These innovative planters hang from your ceiling. They are designed to hold standard indoor potting mix and to retain enough water for up to two weeks. Bonus! They also help purify the air! And these babies are made from recycled plastic. You're just helping the planet all over the place, aren't you?

What Reviewers Say:

  • It actually works - I had it for couple of weeks now, and it's cool so far. I like the water gauge on top, but you better keep it low hung, other wise, it would be hard to see it from close. The initial settlement of dirt can be somewhat dusty... I'd recommend covering the bottom up with stones, or something to help close up the bottom from the dirt to fall out. It doesn't make too much of mess initially as I thought...
  • I love mixing things up with the plant service I provide my clients. This planter is a fabulous conversational piece. Each time people see an orchid (which grows extremely well in it) - upside down they always comment. Some like it some don't. The contrast of seeing something growing upside down from the normal right side up challenges our beliefs about things. I'm ordering more in the near future.
  • Just got this and repotted my plant today. The pot works great and the concept is solid. I would like to have had it come with a spare mesh or two (for soil retention). I had to modify the one it comes with for my plant and if I ever want to put anything else in here I'll have to find/make my own repalcement... I'll probably use plastic canvas (for needlepoint projects) when the time comes, though. We'll see how it does over time and how my plants respond, but I definitely have high hopes for this well made/designed product.

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