Bose SoundSport

Best Overall Headphones Under $100

Why people love it
  • Great for all weather and climate conditions; handles heat, humidity, elevation, and cold
  • Top-quality bass without using extra-large speaker
  • Unique design keeps them securely in place

The volume control button is not sweat-resistant, increasing risk of wear and breakage.


Design: These bad boys are designed to be a combination of over-the-ear and in-ear headphones. They have a hook that keeps the headphone sitting on your ear, but the earbud tip is firmly in your ear canal--giving you quality sound and good noise cancellation. The fit is beautifully comfortable, and you can listen to music for hours without feeling the irritation that comes with traditional in-ear headphones. They stay in place and will NEVER fall out, no matter how much you run, jump, and move.

Performance: Bose products are known for their sound quality, and the SoundSport is no exception. You get a solid balance between responsive treble and thrumming bass, and the sound is clear no matter what type of music or audio you listen to. There is no distortion, only a strong, crisp sound piped straight into your ears.

The headphones aren't designed for "total" noise cancellation, meaning they let in a bit of ambient sounds. This is ideal for those who run outside or listen to music as they drive, as they keep you aware of what's going on around you. But the noise cancellation is sufficient that the ambient sounds won't detract from your listening experience.

The headphones themselves are sweat- and water-resistant, with a durable design that will keep them working well for years. However, the volume control button, the joint between left and right earphone, and the headphone jack are the "weak spots" that are most likely to break or get damaged. Be aware of that as you exercise!

Features: For under $100, you get a simple pair of high quality headphones with a volume control button and 3 pairs of Bose's Stay Hear silicone tips. It comes with a clothing clip and a carry case, but not much else.

The SoundSport does offer a control button for Android/Samsung/iPhones, but only on the $130-priced models.

Price: Priced at $99.95, these are the most expensive in-ear headphones on the list. However, when you consider their sound quality, extreme comfort, and sporty fit, they're worth it for anyone who does a lot of exercise and wants a pair of headphones that can keep up with their high intensity workouts!

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