Bosch PSJ120XL-102 Soft Shell Heated Jacket

Best Lightweight Heated Jacket

Why people love it
  • A lightweight, stylish, versatile winter jacket
  • Keep your body warm and your devices charged with this bad boy
  • Great sizing; looks like a "fitted" jacket

Lacking durability and iffy battery life.


Design: For guys who want form over function, this is the jacket for you. It's stylish, lightweight, and sleek, giving you great freedom of movement and versatility. Sadly, this means it sacrifices a bit of insulation, so it won't be suitable for proper cold winters without the heating element. It's also not the most durable, and is prone to wear and tear.

However, it's a VERY convenient jacket, thanks to the five deep pockets that offer you plenty of storage space, the 2 USB ports to charge your smartphone/devices, and the water- and wind-proof design. If you want a jacket that you can wear through a mild (California or Florida) winter, this is your best choice.

Heating: The built-in heater runs on a 12V Bosch battery, and it delivers up to 5 hours of run time on the lowest setting, or 2-3 hours on the highest setting. The battery itself is durable and will last for hundreds of recharges, but it will wear out quicker as a result of this short run time (meaning more re-charges).

However, while the heater is on, you will definitely be warm! The three heat zones (back and chest) ensure that your whole upper body stays warm, and you can easily switch through the 3 heat settings. With the USB charger, you can plug your jacket into the wall while at work to top up the battery. Or, if your battery is running out, switch it out with any 12V Bosch batterey.

Price: Starting at $170 and running as high as $210, this is slightly better priced than the DeWalt jacket. Though it lacks the durability, it's lighter and more versatile, not to mention a lot more stylish!

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