Bosch 500 Series SHP65TL5UC

Most Reliable Dishwasher

Why people love it
  • Reliable and user-friendly dishwasher; very easy to operate
  • Quiet, energy-efficient, and minimal water usage
  • Excellent value for the price; great variety of features


The racks are poorly designed, limiting dish capacity.


Performance: The Bosch 500 series of dishwashers is considered one of the top-rated, particularly in terms of reliability. The 24-inch dishwasher is designed to be flush-mounted, with only the stainless steel front visible. Yet beauty isn't all it offers; it's a highly reliable, durable machine that will last for years of regular dishwashing.

The sound output (44 dBA) is surprisingly low, so you can watch TV or talk while the machine is running. The stain removal and Heavy Duty cycle both work incredibly well, and you'll find the wash quality is well above par. Thanks to its Energy Star and NSF certifications, you can use it daily without worrying about energy or water waste. With a two-hour wash cycle, the dishes come out VERY clean.

Features: The dishwasher comes with all the basic features you want: 5 wash cycles, 15 place settings, a quick wash cycle in case you need clean dishes pronto, and fully integrated controls that are user-friendly and easy to use. Bosch's 500 series is renowned for its excellent wash quality, so you can be sure your flatware will come out of the dishwasher very clean.

The dishwasher comes with the option for a third rack, giving you more space for shorter dishes. On the downside, the design of the racks limits your capacity for place settings and dishes. You may not be able to fit larger pots and pans in the dishwasher.

Price: $810 is a bit more than you might expect to pay for a "budget" dishwasher, but this Bosch appliance provides quality at a lower price tag than our top-rated choice. You get excellent features and top notch performance at the best possible cost.

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