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Boppy Pregnancy Wedge

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge
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The Boppy Pregnancy Wedge is incredibly versatile and convenient. It can be wedged between the knees, belly or back. This pillow also has a removable cover making it easy to wash!

This pregnancy pillow only supports one part of your body, meaning you will still need a pillow for your head. 

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Shape and size: The pregnancy wedge is, as the name suggests, shaped like a wedge. While there are triangular pregnancy wedges out there, the Boppy is a round pregnancy wedge. But, the best part about this pillow is the size. Wedges are the smallest type of pregnancy pillows made. Moms love them because they do not take up much room in your bed, which means your significant other will still be able to comfortably sleep in the same bed. The compact size also makes it perfect for travel - either from city to city or home to office. 

Material and filling: Unlike most pillows which either have microbeads or styrofoam beads, this pregnancy pillow is made with a very firm polyurethane foam. If you're wondering what poly foam is, just think of memory foam without the "slow moving" properties. The outside of the pillow is made of a thick and soft cotton cover. 

Features: Thanks to the convenient zipper, the cotton cover can be taken off for easy washing. 

Price: At $15, this wedge is not only the cheapest on our list, but one of the cheapest pregnancy pillows available. It's so affordable that many moms get a second one. One for their knees or belly, and one for their back. 

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