Why people love it
  • Reduces and relieves red skin and irritation
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturized
  • Pleasant, fresh smell

This balm offers super long-lasting hydration - and it's hypoallergenic. You're going to fall in love with this British brand. 

The packaging on this product definitely leaves something to be desired - and you're not going to get a huge amount out of the tube either. 


If you don't know much about Boots yet, you should familiarize yourself with this brand now. It's a drugstore chain in the United Kingdom, and their house brands have been given a lot of thought and attention. Perhaps that's why the price is just so darned reasonable for this Boots aftershave balm. 

This particular product (like almost everything sold by Boots) is super for sensitive skins. It's hypo-allergenic and designed to cool and relieve irritation as it works to strengthen skin, so you're less likely to end up with cuts and nicks in the future. And, the moisture levels last all day long, so you won't feel the need to freshen up again later. Brilliant!

What Type of Aftershave Is This? Balm

What’s Inside? You'll find a few extracts to go with this glycerin formula. But, this hypoallergenic aftershave concentrates more on relieving irritation without adding any extra irritants to your face. It does have parabens, but you won't find any alcohol on the ingredient list. Overall, it's cooling, calming, and designed for the most sensitive of skins. 

What’s It Smell Like? There's a light scent to this product, but it's more neutral than anything. 

Will It Break the Bank? Hardly. The MSRP puts the price per ounce at $4.70, but you're more likely to pay in the $3.50 range. Not bad for an imported product. 

What’s the Bottom Line? If you have sensitive skin and aren't terribly fussed with tree extracts and paraben levels, this is a perfect aftershave balm for you. The lack of overwhelming aroma is just a bonus; so is the price. And, the way it absorbs and cools is a serious bonus. 

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