Best Valentine's Gift for Writers

BookFactory Black Journal
  • The perfect portable journal to take everywhere he goes
  • Inexpensive, yet decent quality
  • Slim and beautiful

Simple yet elegant, perfect for writers, inexpensive, practical, and easily fits in any bag or satchel.

Not as "fancy" as pricier leather-bound journals.


Details: If he is the type who likes to write in a notebook or journal, this is the perfect gift for him. It's slim enough that he can carry it in any computer bag, briefcase, or satchel, so he'll always have it wherever he goes. He can pull it out any time and write down his thoughts, feelings, or ideas.

The journal is hard-bound with a stiff cover that's soft to the touch, but it holds up well for regular use. The pages are thick enough ink pens won't bleed through. He'll get 192 pages of white college-ruled paper for daily entries.

Price: $10 is a decent price to pay for this simple, practical journal. It's not as elegant or fancy as some of the other journals on the market, but it delivers the quality and durability he needs to protect his thoughts and ideas.


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