Victoria's Secret Bombshell Add-2-Cups Push-Up Bra

Best Extreme Cleavage Push Up Bra

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Victorias Secret
Why people love it
  • Push-up padding adds 2 cup sizes for maximum lift
  • Incredibly sexy and comfortable
  • The material is so soft and smooth

  • Sexy, lifting, supportive, and comfortable
  • Instantly makes you look 2 sizes bigger
  • Too much lift
  • Expensive price tag

Support: There is a lot of padding in this bra. And, it features a U-Shaped ballet back which provides the ultimate support without any digging or chafing. 

Also on the back of the Bombshell is a double row of hook and eye closures, so you can adjust it to the perfect fit. 

Lift: They don’t call the lift on this extreme for nothing. You’re going to instantly look 2 cup sizes bigger. If you're looking for extreme lift, this bra is the one you want. 

If you already have bigger breasts, you may not like this bra because of the tight squeeze. 

Comfort: This new Bombshell was designed with even softer padding and fullness. Girls everywhere comment on how comfy this bra is to wear daily. 

Price: The 2-Cups Push Up Bra is priced at $49.50. Victoria’s Secret bras are always going to be expensive. However, you get what you pay for. If you take care of it, this bra will last forever! And, it's a lot cheaper than getting fake boobs. 

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