Why people love it
  • Easy to apply
  • Resists humidity, sweat, and tears
  • Rich, deep color

If you’ve got oily lids or use a heavy moisturizer, this eyeliner might fade faster than the advertised 12 hours. Use a setting spray or apply it over powder if you want to prevent fading and smudging.


Formula: Smooth, glossy gel fills the pot of this Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Liner. This waterproof formula repels humidity and sweat, making it ideal for everything from long days at the beach to post-race selfies. We love that it’s a flake-resistant gel so we don’t have to spend our days picking off tiny flecks of black liner from our cheeks.

Performance: This gel eyeliner generally does what it’s supposed to, but you might experience some fading and smudging if you’ve got oily eyelids. If that’s the case, a makeup-setting spray or a light dusting of powder can help keep this gel liner in place. It lasts for up to 12 hours, so you can enjoy your day without dealing with constant touchups.

Ease of Use: This rich gel glides on easily, but you may want to use your own liner brush. Some reviewers complain that the included brush is too small.

If you struggle with liquid liner, you might still rock the application process for this gel liner. That’s because you’ve got more freedom with a brush you dip and coat yourself than you do with a liner pen. Just make sure you coat both sides of the brush so you can create a thick line without sparse spots or smudges.

Price: You can score a pot of this waterproof gel liner for around $27, and reviewers say it lasts a while, making the price slightly less scary.

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