Boba Baby Wrap

Best Baby Carrier for Newborns

Why people love it


  • Easy to get things done while wearing it 
  • Wonderful snugness  
  • Comfortable for wearer 



The comfortable and stretchy fabric can run a little too warm for some; it’s not necessarily the best in the heat of summer. 


Once you get the hang of tying this wrap, you’re going to find it’s one of the best possible for little babes. You can wrap this into just about any position you like – and you get the somewhat unexpected bonus of reducing the amount of contact strangers have with your baby (they can’t get in there without invading your space too). But, you do need to watch out for this baby sling becoming too hot for both of you.

This is great for babies that love being close to their people, and it’s totally possible to manage it on your own (though you will need some practice). Because it’s totally free of belts and buckles, anyone can use it at any time and users love getting things done while baby is securely snugged inside. Need an extra bonus? How about the carrying sack and the machine washability of this wrap. You just can’t use it comfortably with big kids. Sorry.

Type of carrier: Baby wrap for front and hip carrying

Material: 95% Cotton/5% Spandex

Age and weight range: Max weight of 35 pounds, from birth to 18 months


  • Infant: 7-15 lbs 
  • Baby: 15-20 lbs 
  • Older Baby: 20-30 lbs 


Safety: The abundance and width of fabric provides security and support, and a nice snug hold.

Cleaning: Machine washable

Colors available: Black, brown, grey

Price: $40. Not bad, right?

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