Why people love it
  • Your kids will enjoy the smooth ride even on bumpy terrain
  • Easy to push while running or jogging
  • Well-made and high quality build that will last for years

Wheels are inflated with air so it is possible to get a flat tire every now and then. 



At 25lbs, this fairly lightweight for a durable all-terrain jogging pram. Just to clarify it's not really a "lightweight" pram that you'll want to carry around the city though.


One thing we love about this unit is it's set of wheels, which is especially important when you're a runner looking for a jogging buggy. The wheels are made extra wide and the front wheel pivots fully for easy maneuvering. As soon as you start your run, it's simple to lock the front wheel which allows for increased stability.


At $300+, this unit is on the high-end of most strollers. Although it's expensive, the price shows in the quality of the build. It definitely feels like a serious product. Mild off-roading is no problem and the BOB will make it pleasant for your baby.

What reviewers say: 

  • This unit is a beast making it an excellent choice for navigating uneven terrain. I'm able to push my 6 month old daughter around our neighborhood without having to worry about uneven sidewalks slowing us down. She also enjoys the ride. It handles and steers like a dream.
  • We have used this pram on paved streets, on dirt trails through the woods, around town, while shopping, and even in 5K++ races. The smooth ride that the Bob offers is unparalleled. This thing practically glides through the air.
  • Is there any pram better than the BOB?! Yes it is expensive & yes you have to order extra features for it but for daily use on road & off it is a great unit. One of my most used items, it has been a lifesaver to get active again.

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