Why people love it
  • Easy to push and maneuver
  • Glides easily over any terrain including: snow, ice, gravel, and trails
  • Perfect for running and jogging

Heavy and wide - not a pram you can "toss" in the car. Cup holders sold seperately.


There's a reason this is the #1 Amazon Bestseller in the double baby stroller category. (Mostly, it's because it's tough enough to endure anything.) The BOB Revolution SE Duallie is your go-to buggy for two or more kids. 


Even though the BOB weighs in at 34lbs, we adore this giant beast of a pram. Yes it is a little heavy, but what double unit isn't? It has to be strong enough to support two 50lb kids. The extra weight may seem like a deal breaker. But we promise that you won't even notice when you're cruising through the neighborhood. Pushing it is like a dream - we heard so from the moms themselves.


The best part about this is that it's ultra-padded and has really nice cushion support. There is even extra padding for a headrest. Which means your little ones are going to be so comfy they're never going to want to get out of it. We also love the wide peek-a-boo window that doubles as an airflow flap so you can check-in and say hi whenever you please. 


Make no mistake: this is a pricey product! At $600+, it's pretty expensive. But if you are tired of cheaply made prams that are a pain to maneuver, you'll love the more reliable, smoother ride of this one. Especially if you're a runner or jogger! However, we found it pretty silly that you have to pay extra for cup holders on a $600 product, really BOB?!

What Reviewers Say:

With a solid rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon (and over 450 reviews), you know you're in for something good. Here's what reviewes have to say about it:

  • Are you kidding?! Save up. Have a yard sale. Sell your hair. Do whatever it takes to buy one of these bad boys. Game changer.
  • As a jogging pram, I consider this as the Cadillac of strollers. This is the best of the best. It can tolerate snow, ice, rain, or the hot sun. It is sturdy and it can go all terrain as well. The shocks are great. If I run over a hump/bump on the road, the kids and I can barely feel it.
  • This is the absolute best! Worth every penny! It is easy to use and fits through doors. I LOVE mine!
  • After much consideration and time spent researching, I ended up getting this one and let me tell you, if you can afford it...get it! Totally worth the money. Easy to put together, easy to fold and unfold.

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