Best Umbrella for Commuters

Blunt Metro Umbrella
  • An umbrella designed for riding the bus, train, or cab
  • Collapsible, compact, and very safe for those around you
  • Durable and feels solid in your hand
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No sharp ends, designed for urban environments, durable, easy to open and close, compatible with Tile app, high-tension canopy can handle heavy use, aerodynamic design, and easy to handle.

Bulkier than your typical collapsible umbrella.


Construction: This umbrella is built for commuters, those who ride crowded buses and trains or hop into cabs. Though it's a bit bulkier than other collapsible umbrellas, it can still fit in your bag or purse easily. Thanks to its solid construction—high-tension canopy and flexible fiberglass ribs—it can handle heavy winds.

The real kicker is the canopy design: there are no sharp points to accidentally poke out a fellow commuter's eye. The edges have been rounded and blunted, making it the safest umbrella for people around you. Even if it gets blown out of your hand by high winds, there will be no risk of umbrella-related accidents!

Features: The frame is built to be resistant to high winds, and the flexible fiberglass will bend without breaking. The automatic open and close features make it easy to use when getting on and off public transportation. There's even UV protection if you wanted to use this as a sun umbrella/parasol instead of just protection from the rain.

Here's one thing no other umbrellas can offer: the ability to find it anywhere in the world! Blunt has teamed up with the Tile app to offer umbrella tracking, thanks to the tile embedded in a special pocket in the umbrella. 

Price: At $48, this is definitely the priciest of the umbrellas on our list. However, it's built to be durable and reliable, with a commuter-safe design that will help you avoid angering fellow bus or train passengers. Worth it!


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