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Bluesmart One Connect Smart Luggage
  • Amazing design
  • Super user-friendly
  • High-quality luggage

This carry on is feature-rich with a built-in charging battery, remote-operation lock, built-in scale, and tracking device. Plus, it fits comfortably within airline restrictions.

It’s expensive, and you can’t gate check it because of the battery – if all you can squeeze on your flight is a personal item, you won’t be able to make the most of this carry on.


We are in love with the features of this carry on luggage. The shortlist includes the GPS tracking device, built in digital scale, and the smart locks that you can access with your phone. We are, of course bigger fans of the built-in battery that enables you to charge your devices several times over while you’re on the move. Yes, it’s TSA-approved, but it’s not really a good idea to gate-check this bag as a result of the battery. You may need to check it in if you’re on one of those teeny flights.

The front compartment offers easy access to your laptop and electronics. The wheels and handles are also super sturdy. If it was a little less heavy or a little cheaper, we would love it even more. Perhaps some new developments on this front will push this carry on to the head of the pack.

As it stands, it's so good that we feature it in other lists, time and time again

Durability and construction: The hard-shell exterior is weather and wear resistant.

Design: Hard-case wheeler

Dimensions: It’s 22” x 14” 9” which is exactly the size restriction for domestic and international carry ons.

Weight: Unfortunately, we had to subtract a few points for the weight of this carry on. It’s 9.4 pounds which is rather heavy. But, then again, the features more than make up for the weight.

Pockets and storage: There are 2 internal zipper pockets and an easy-access front compartment for the stuff you need quickly.

Handles and wheels: There’s a telescopic handle and multi-directional wheels which are pretty snazzy; plus, they have a low center of gravity for more accurate movement.

Security: There’s a digital lock that has TSA approval, and you can open and close it with your Smartphone. How cool is that?

Colors available: Black with grey accents

Price and warranty: The MSRP is $450, but you will occasionally find it under $420. The 2-year warranty protects against material and electronic defects.


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