Blueberry Bliss

Best Waterproof Vibrator

Why people love it
  • Multiple speeds to cater to individual preferences
  • Amazing vibrations for powerful orgasms
  • Really pretty

If you’re not a first timer, but still not looking to drop too much money on a high quality vibrator, this is a good one to go with. It’s waterproof, easy to adjust and control, and women rave out its orgasm-inducing powers.

You should know your way around a vibrator if you’re looking to buy this one. Also, it is a tad noisy, so keep that in mind if you’ve got kids or roommates you don’t want to disturb.


Noise Level: The manufacturer claims that the buzz of this vibrator is quiet when used underwater, but customers disagree.

Stimulation: Use for external or internal stimulation.

Strength: I believe the words “amazing” and “powerful” are the ones most commonly used to describe the strength of this vibrator.

Special Features: Waterproof. Easy to clean. Multiple speeds.

Price: You’re looking at a great value with this vibrator.

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