The BlueAnt Pump wireless in-ear headphones are made with a Teflon and kevlar coating in a military-grade design that makes them water and dust proof.

  • Watertight mesh
  • Secure fit for intense activity
  • Micro-USB charging

And, if you want to run in the rain, now you can. They're also perfect for trail running as you don't have to worry about any dust getting into the earphones and ruining them. Plus, these headphones can be used from up to 100 feet away from the Bluetooth enabled device.

What Reviewers Say:

  • The voice quality is just awesome. Crisp and Clear.
    I can confidently say this after trying quite a few Bluetooth ear plugs, you can go with the PUMP HD SportsBuds. Worth every cent you pay for them.
  • It's clear that BlueAnt done their homework really well by studying the competition to come up with a spec, a fitment, and accessories to make everybody happy.
  • Bought these to work out with and also use discretely at work. They are sort of large to use discretely but they are fantastic for working out.

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