Blueair 403 HepaSilent Air-Purification System

Best Air Purifier for Medium to Large Rooms

Why people love it
  • Simple, practical air purifier with reliable HEPA air filter
  • Very quiet on the lower settings
  • Pre-charges the dust particles so they stick to the filter

This air purifier from Blueair is quite sexy. It's got that smooth styling that wants to cuddle up with your Apple products. 

  • Designed for rooms up to 365 square feet and to fit beautifully into your home decor
  • Highly efficient HEPASilent® technology captures 99.97% of particles 
  • Winner of Excellent Swedish Design award

Fan is very noisy on highest speed setting.


Performance: This air purifier is designed to handle rooms of up to 365 square feet, with a CADR of 240 cubic feet of air per minute--making it perfect for a bedroom or home office.

The HEPASilent filter will eliminate 99.97% of smoke, dust, pollen, and bacteria particles from the air, down to 0.1 microns in size. The air purifier has an ion particle-charging chamber that will charge the particles as they pass through, ensuring that they stick to the air filter more effectively. The result: cleaner air!  

There is a detachable timer that sounds an alert if the filter is in need of changing, and changing the filter is beautifully simple. The lightweight filter is portable (weighing 33 pounds) and easy to move to any room in your house--thanks to the built-in carry handle.

Operation: On the lowest fan setting, the air purifier runs at a volume barely above a whisper. However, be warned that there is a noticeable hum if you turn it onto the highest speed. It's energy-efficient and built to last.

The device looks beautiful, and its elegant Swedish design will fit in with any modern décor.

Price: $550 may seem like a high price to pay for a filter that can only handle one room at a time, but for those who want to ensure the cleanest possible air it's a worthwhile investment.

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