Blistex DCT Daily Conditioning Treatment SPF

Best Drugstore Lip Balm

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Why people love it
  • Provides immediate relief for dry lips
  • No scent or flavor so great for sensitive skin
  • Simple, shine-free formula works great for both men and women

This is one of the best lip balms for men and women because of how simple the formula is. With no scent or flavor, no tint, and no uncomfortably thick waxy layer, this lip balm is best for no fuss, no muss moisture. Oh, and it provides SPF protection, too!

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Hydration: This lip balm not only provides immediate relief for dry lips, but it also works really well in extremely dry climates.

Texture: This formula goes on smooth and soaks in right away for all day softness and hydration.

Convenience: This one’s easy to bring with you whenever, wherever, though you probably won’t need to use it that often.

Price: It’s a little more expensive than other drugstore lip balm tins, but it’s worth the bump in price.

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