This is a crazy hot sauce!!! This sauce contains ingredients 750 times hotter than a jalapeno chile!!

  • This is the hottest true sauce that Blair has ever made
  • Hotter than the mighty Mega Death
  • This bottle of sauce comes with a skull key chain attached

Use sparingly and at your own risk. The bottle of sauce comes with an awesome skull key chain attached to it - great for a gift as well!

What Reviewers Say:

  • If you have your doubts about my credibility, buy a bottle, shake it up and dip the very tip end of a toothpick into it, put in your mouth and pray that glass of milk you have on hand really does blunt the burn.
  • This sauce is great! The heat is up there with Vicious Viper if anyone is curious. It might even have just a little bit more of a punch. Vicious Viper tastes a lot better, but this stuff is thick and will last a long time because of that. it is thick like "Da Bomb" hot sauce. Now, I'm a true chili head. I have tried all kinds of hot sauce heat levels, but this is the hottest I've tried yet! The only sauces that might be hotter are the reserved ones that are highly concentrated. I haven't tried Mongoose or Black Mamba, so I can't judge on that one. But, this stuff is great!

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