Want a blistering hot sauce with a bit of history?  Blair's is both.  

  • 1.5 to 2 Million Scoville Units
  • Laser signed
  • Gift display box is included



The creator was a bartender on the Jersey Shore back in the day.  Blair served patrons that wanted to stay past 2am wings slathered in his homemade sauce.  If they could eat it, they could stay.  No one could.  But Blair managed to bottle his creations (2am, 3am... you get the picture).  This sauce packs between 1 and 2 million SHU into each minute drop.

And, while the bottle is beautiful, it's possible the devil hides inside it. Still, it's great to give as a gift - the handmade reserve bottle hand signed and numbered. Just a hint - you should taste this the way the chili heads do: a smudge on the side of a toothpick. You'll thank us for the advice.

What Reviewers Say: 

  • I didn't have problem opening the bottle,but MY GOD IT IS HOT. I get one toothpick and dip it in the bottle.There wasn't even one drop on it.I licked it. What the HELL was that!! It was like my tongue and my throat was on fire.I couldn't breathe for a while...
  • Definitely NOT a sauce, but has great flavor! It works exceptionally well in adding spice to dishes. A few drops in a big bowl of chili does the trick. It is difficult to find a suitable dropper/dispenser that will effectively control its use without contaminating the outside of the container. I use a rinsed out Visine bottle and wipe off the excess from the tip after use.
    Do NOT get this in your eyes. It is painful for quite a while.
  • No taste. Unbearable heat. It is a beautiful thing. If you gave this less than 5 stars, then I don't know what you were looking to get out of this product.

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