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Black Orchid by Tom Ford
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Looking for a perfume that would work just as well for you as it would your man? Or perhaps you're trying to appeal to both men and women? If so, this dark and alluring scent is absolutely worth a try. 

This is definitely not what you would call a feminine scent, so make sure to give this floral-scented perfume a try first if that's what you're looking for.


Scent: This is by far one of the more unique and striking scents we've ever smelled - especially for a floral. Users compare this scent to leather and dark chocolate, though the main notes are a bit more complex than that with sandalwood, orchid, and patchouli leading the way.

Occasion: This is a warm, floral scent, so it's really best worn in the winter. That said, many women say this works well for more formal or professional occasions.

Price: At just under $100 for a 1.7-ounce bottle, this is one of the more expensive perfumes for women on our list. However, many customers find the uniquely captivating scent to be well worth the investment.

And, if warm and floral isn't quite your style, check out Tom Ford's risqué new release. With woody leather notes of rich orris and tonka bean, this addictive new fragrance is sure to deliver.


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