Beware of the bite of the Black Mamba!!

  • 2oz bottle
  • A blend of Chocolate Habaneros and a blend of extracts
  • Reportedly said to approach several million Scoville units

This is an insane hot sauce, made from the blend of chocolate habaneros and capsaicin extracts. This little guy supposedly has several million scoville units!!!!

What Reviewers Say: 

  • I enjoy all types of hot sauces but I prefer those with complex flavors, not just heat. Black Mamba is hot, make no mistake about it, but it also has an almost fruity flavor to it (by the way, Chocolate Habaneros are called that because of their color, not their flavor.) It does have hot pepper extract in it (capsaicin) which is often added to mediocre sauces just in order to boast the heat, sometimes at the expense of the overall taste of the finished product. Black Mamba seems to have limited the amount to just enough to create even more fire than a habanero has own it's own (and Chocolate Habs are one of the hottest) without overdoing it.
  • I tried this at my brothers rehearsal dinner as a dare that clearly I was not going to turn down. I put one drop on a tortilla and started chewing. I thought I was in the clear until about 20 seconds later when my mouth was on fire. I love hot sauces and regularly use very hot ones and this put them all to shame. I was chomping down tortillas and it took a good 30 minutes for the burn to stop. I was very pleased with this sauce but buyer beware--- this is not for those who can't handle heat.
  • So hot, this is best used in soups and beans. I don't use it as much as I thought I would because I can't accurate gauge how much to use. This will definitely test your tolerance for heat. I do like that it does not create an odd flavor. You get your food taste with some added heat.

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