Black Diamond Apollo

Best Lightweight LED Lantern

Why people love it

• Lightweight, compact, and durable—great for trekkers

• Dual hooks and rubber-tipped tripod legs make for easy positioning

• Power meter displays battery life

Lightweight yet highly durable, compact, features dual metal hooks and a 24-hour run time, easy to use, multiple light settings, and user-friendly design.

Brightness could be better.


Performance: If you want a lantern to go with you anywhere, this is the bad boy for you. It's lightweight enough (0.35 pounds) that you can carry it without feeling the weight, and compact enough to fit into any bag or backpack. But don't think its low weight makes it flimsy—it's as durable as most of the other lanterns on our list. You'll get many years of use from this lantern.

At 200 lumens, the lantern isn't as bright as the others on our list. However, it's good enough to use in your tent or small campsite. Be warned: you only get about 24 hours of run time from the AA batteries, so bring spares if you need to run it for longer.

Features: The rubber-tipped tripod legs make it easier for you to use the lantern on the ground as well as hanging from the tree (on dual metal hooks in the top and bottom). The dual reflector system (globe) is constructed to maximize the light output of the QuadPower LED bulbs.

One of the best things about this lantern is that you can see how much battery life is left, thanks to the power meter. You'll always know when it's time to change the batteries before the light dies.

Price: $43 is a bit of a high price to pay for this lantern, considering its flaws (low light, limited run time). However, if lightweight is the most important feature in your lantern (for long hikes), it's a good option.

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