Best Single Serve Coffee Maker for Dorm Rooms

BLACK+DECKER DCM18S Brew 'n Go Personal Coffeemaker
  • Works well and doesn’t take up much space
  • Easy to clean
  • Fantastic price
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You get a 15-ounce travel mug with this single-serve coffee maker, though you could use this with standard mugs too. This maker also includes a permanent filter so you don’t need to invest in paper. And you have a choice of pod or ground coffee.

Some users have had problems with the permanent filters; they find grounds in their mug.


If you’re down with the basics, this is the best single-serve coffee maker for you. There’s an on/off switch and that’s about all you get. It does, however, have a permanent filter so you don’t need to invest a fortune. By removing that filter, you can also “boil” water for making tea and hot chocolate. Incidentally, the included mug and filter are both dishwasher safe. (Which means nothing in a dorm room situation, but it is a nice touch.)

Now, it’s not the fastest single-serve machine. You have to give it the 4 or 5 minutes you would need for a larger percolator. But, consider the price again before you walk away.

Pods or grounds? You’ll use this with ground coffee. So, the choice is yours in terms of how much you want to pay, but you don’t need to pay a fortune for your morning joe.

Reservoir size? All you can fit in the reservoir is the amount of water you need for a single cup. Whatever you put in is brewed. Obviously, you can’t put in too much. Nor can you expect all the water to come through to your mug. Some turns into steam and some is absorbed by the grounds.

What are the adjustable options? There aren’t terribly many options, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have some level of control over your coffee. You can control the strength of your brew by adding more grounds to the filter or less water.

Any other features? Um no. But for the price, did you really expect anything else? We certainly didn’t.

Will it break the bank? Nope and that’s what makes this so valuable for dorm rooms. It offers enough coffee for the single user – and it does it for under $20. Nice.


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