Bissell Zing

Best Canister Vacuum

Why people love it
  • Never buy or change another vacuum bag!
  • Great performance on stairs and hardwood floors
  • Lightweight, portable, and user-friendly

Easy to clean, lightweight, user-friendly operation, supremely portable, three-stage filtration, great for all-purpose cleaning, durable, and reliable.

Noisy and poor customer service.


Performance: If you want a vacuum cleaner suitable for every room in your home, this is the bad boy for you! Not only is it lightweight, but it's designed to be easily moved around hardwood floors, carpets, and even up/down stairs. You'll find that it's very comfortable to work with for hours at a time.

The motor produces some pretty impressive suction, ensuring that the vacuum cleaner picks up everything from mud spots to dirt to debris to pet dander. Sadly, the added power also makes this the noisiest vacuum cleaner on our list. Definitely not a machine to use if someone is trying to sleep or watch TV anywhere in the house.

Features: The main feature of this vacuum cleaner is its canister, which collects the dirt and is easily removed for emptying and cleaning. This is ideal for those who are sick of dealing with vacuum bags and want a user-friendly machine.

The controls are easy to use, and you'll be able to switch the vacuum from carpet to hardwood floors with the press of a button. The machine comes with the typical accessories (crevice tool, dust brush, etc.). Thanks to its three-stage filtration system (including a post-motor filter), you can clean your home without worrying about kicking dust up into the air. Just like the Easy Empty Dirt Cup (canister), the filters can be washed and re-used.

Price: At $65, this is a very well-priced appliance. You'll find it offers good durability, functionality, and versatility—sadly, customer service is poor, so you'd better hope you don't need to return it for any reason.

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