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Birkenstock Women's Mayari Birkibuc Sandal
  • All the comfort of Birkenstocks with an upgraded sense of style
  • Super durable, excellent arch support
  • Designed for all-day walking and hiking
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Excellent arch support, thick cushioning for your feet, the most durable footbeds and soles you’ll own, anatomically-designed, adjustable buckles, no rubs or friction as you walk, stylish raised toe bar, great for active users

Heavier and thicker than other sandals; will take up more room in luggage


Design: These are designed like all Birkenstocks: thick cork footbeds with an anatomical design that matches the contours of your feet to provide excellent arch support, complete with solid suede leather straps. The leather straps come with buckles that allow you to adjust the fit of the shoes. With their raised toe bar, these sandals are far more stylish than your average Birkenstocks.

Where to Wear: Anywhere you plan to do a lot of hiking or walking. Thanks to their added thickness and contoured footbeds, they’ll give your heels and arches the support they need. You’ll be comfortable in these bad boys all day long.

Comfort: These sandals will weigh more than some of the lighter-weight options on our list, but once you get used to the weight, you’ll never look back. The cork footbed is absorbent enough to reduce impact yet still provides a solid platform to push off of as you walk. The shoes will keep your feet comfortable and offer good cushioning for your heels. You’ll never have to worry about foot fatigue or painful arches again!

Price: Prices on these shoes range from $65 to  $100 (depending on size), but they are worth every dollar if you plan on doing a lot of walking and want a pair of sandals that offer maximum arch support and cushioning for your feet.


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