Birchbox Man Subscription

Best Gift that Keeps on Giving for the Teen Boy

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Why people love it
  • Can upgrade to the plus box with an extra, full-sized item
  • Excellent brands
  • Loyalty program and other brand benefits

There’s no way to refund or replace boxes.


Details: Teen boys spend plenty of time grooming themselves (they just tend to take up less space and do it more discreetly than teen girls) and a Birchbox subscription is just the way to spoil young men on a quest for the best products and image.

Plus, as a subscription box, this is one of those gifts that keep on giving – month after month – and at a reasonable price. Each box costs $10 and, as a gift, you can select between 3, 6, or 12 months worth of products.

Users love the variety – and that products are tailored to their skin and hair concerns. If you want to just go for a regular subscription, it’s possible to upgrade the box to include an additional full-size product in addition to the 5 samples found in each box.  

Price: At $10 per box, and with plenty of goodies tucked into every one, you can bet this is real value for money.

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