Birchbox Beauty Gift Subscription

Best gift that keeps on giving

Why people love it
  • She'll get to sample a variety of products and discover new favorites
  • Personalized picks to match her style 
  • A gift that keeps on giving

Send her a monthly treat without stepping foot in a post office. Each month she'll receive a box of five personalized beauty samples, and we promise she'll love it!

There may be products in the box that she isn't a fan of. 


Why she'll love it: Every month Birchbox will send her 4-5 beauty samples tailored to her likes and style. This will allow her to sample a variety of new products and hopefully discover new favorites. Trust us, she will get excited every month when she sees that bright pink box in the mail. 

Price: Birchbox offers 3 month ($30), 6 month ($60) and 12 month ($110) subscription gift options. So, you can choose the duration of your gift. You have the options to mail the first box directly to her as a surprise. Or, you can have the first box mailed to you so you can wrap it and give it to her yourself.

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