Biotène Dry Mouth Oral Rinse

Best Mouthwash for Dry Mouth and Oral Irritations

Why people love it
  • Minimizes dry mouth and other such issues
  • Tastes remarkably good
  • Recommended by dentists (and who doesn’t like that?)

This super antibacterial mouthwash offers serious benefits to those that suffer from dry mouth (whatever the reason). It’s also fantastic at fighting irritating mouth sores.

Some users report that the benefits don’t last as long as the four hours claimed on the packaging.


Have dry mouth? Get a bottle of Biotène. You’ll be happy you did. This mouthwash really helps – so much so that it’s recommended for people undergoing chemotherapy. The formula makes use of a number of compounds that boost your natural defense systems.

You can expect the formula to last for about four hours – and to offer a fresh breath at the same time. The price isn’t terrible, nor are the buying options. But, we would have appreciated the ability to subscribe and save; if you’re suffering from dry mouth… you clearly have other things to worry about.

What does it claim to do? If you need a mouthwash that helps you cope with dry mouth, this is the one you want. It provides immediate relief – as long as you have a bottle of it handy. More, it lasts up to four hours; that’s a big help on presentation day.

Does it do it? Most people find this to be a very effective formula.

Is it good at anything else? It’s not so bad at relieving bad breath either. We like that.

Who’s it for? This isn’t exclusively for adults, though most children aren’t likely to need such a formula. If they do, we recommend consulting your dentist before use. If you regularly suffer from dry mouth, get yourself a bottle; users undergoing chemotherapy recommend it as part of their regular dental care.

What’s inside the bottle? There are four antibacterial enzymes at play here. Lysozyme, Lactoferrin, Glucose Oxidase, and Lactoperoxidase work to boost the natural defense system found in your saliva. That’s a long way of saying this is a fantastic formula.

Recommended usage? If you’re using this as a mouthwash, you should swirl a tablespoon around for 30 seconds just as you would with any antibacterial formula. But… there’s something a little unusual at play here. You can also “slowly” sip this mouthwash for an extremely dry throat. You should, however, clear this with a medical professional first.

What’s it taste like? It’s lightly minty – not overpowering.

Will it break the bank? For a two-pack, you’ll pay a little less than $15. It works out to less than 50 cents an ounce. There are other options available (all the way up to a 12 pack), but you’ll pay roughly the same, no matter how many you order.

Available on Subscribe and Save or Prime Pantry? If only. We would have loved that.

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