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Best Full-Finger Lifting Gloves

Why people love it
  • Full protection for your hand, yet a full range of motion
  • Versatile enough for most resistance training; durable
  • Designed to prevent odors and excessive sweat

Total hand protection, antimicrobial lining, terrycloth padding, adaptable to your hand's shape, comfortable, decent ventilation, flexible, good wrist support

A bit hot in warmer weather, too thick for CrossFit/crosstraining



If you're a resistance trainee that needs a pair of gloves for outdoor workouts, you'll love these! The full-finger protection will keep your hands warm in the winter, and will protect you from barbell-caused calluses. They can be a bit difficult to slip on, but once they're in place, they'll do wonders to enhance your grip.

Be warned: the gloves are too hot for the summer heat, and they're a bit too thick for CrossFit and other cross-training workouts. However, they're for weightlifting, and they're flexible enough to be used for cycling, rowing, and most resistance training workouts. They're designed to adapt to the shape of your hand, and the separate pads give you good freedom of hand movement while still keeping your hands comfortable.


The gloves come with pads built into the palms and fingers, with strips of terrycloth for padding. The backs of the gloves are made with Lycra, and the pads are connected with the same breathable, lightweight material.

Some users complain that the palms tend to fall apart quickly, but overall the gloves are built to be very durable. They offer excellent wrist support and a fit that is ideal for any hand size.


Starting at $24, these are just on the pricier side of things. However, if you want workout gloves for winter or outdoor training in cool weather, you'll love the full-fingered design.

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