Best Bidet Seat Overall

Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000
  • Programmable wash time guarantees cleanliness
  • Includes built-in water tank reservoir; wash water is always warm with consistent pressure
  • Power-saving design; will alert you if/when the seat needs repairs


Built-in massage feature, adjustable temperature, good pressure, built in water heater tank reservoir, and even features direction settings and power-saving design. The Self-Diagnose and Capacitance features help to save power.

Dryer is inaccurate; if you want to get dry, you have to shift your position.


Features: With this toilet seat, you get everything you could want and more: a seat warmer, a wand for washing, an air-dryer, a programmable wash timer, and adjustable pressure and temperature settings. It will get you clean just the way you like it! The Self-Diagnose feature will send an alert to your phone if any part of the toilet seat is in need of repair.

The Capacitance feature will detect if there is anyone sitting on the seat, and power down if unoccupied. It will use far less energy than the average smart toilet seat. It also comes with a smart power saving function that calculates the time of day when it's most commonly used, powering down on the "off hours" when you're out of the house or sleeping.

This product was designed for people with medical problems. It comes with a "vortex" setting that works like an enema, helping those with constipation use the bathroom more easily. The massage feature is wonderful, helping to alleviate any discomfort of hemorrhoids, diarrhea, or constipation. The seat itself will also give your buttocks a gentle massage, helping you to feel comfortable as you sit.

Design: This looks like your basic smart toilet seat, but with a built-in water reservoir that will warm up your water and ensure that the wash pressure remains consistent. No more shock from contact with cold water--only warmth for your bottom!

The toilet is designed to eliminate odors (up to 90%, or so the product specs claim), thanks to the built-in deodorizer. With the remote control, you can easily adjust all of your washlet/bidet settings to ensure you have the best toilet-using experience possible.

Price: At just under $500, this is a toilet with a reasonably high price tag, but one worth paying if you want convenience, comfort, and customizability. Thanks to the high-tech features offered by this toilet seat, you can use your toilet in style!


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