Best for Unruly Hair

Billy Jealousy Ruckus Hair Forming Cream (2 Oz)
  • Provides strong but pliable hold
  • The manly smell works well in any grooming routine
  • The shiny finish is optional depending on style and application

With very little effort on your part, this cream will make it look like you rolled out of bed looking looking like perfection itself.

This product is quite thin, so it takes a lot to get the job done.


This is an incredible hair care product from an incredible brand. And, as with all Billy Jealousy products, it smells fantastic. But that’s just the beginning of benefits of this forming cream. It’s one of the best for taming hair that likes to go its own way – especially over the course of the day. It’s unlikely to hold up under a tornado, but it’ll do the job under normal conditions.

Now, it is one of the shinier hair creams on the market. Not so much that you look like you’ve rubbed oil in your hair, but the conditioning elements are what you need to control unruly hair, so it’s a trade off. And, rather than the dime-sized amount directed by other products, this one does call for a nickel-sized dollop to control your do.

Application: The folks over at Billy Jealousy suggest applying this to damp hair. However, if the shine is too much for you, make sure your hair is a little drier before application.

Who It’s For: If your hair is on the longer side (not at your shoulder or anything, but a few inches), this cream could be the one to keep your hair in order.

Why We Love It: Surprisingly, this product works on both thick and thin hair as it doesn’t weigh it down while keeping everything in order.

What Reviewers Say:

  • I have got thick hair which normally is impossible to style unless some sort of epoxy is used. After switching to pomades such as Axe's and other brands, it was great to style without the rock hardened hair, but my hair still soaked the stuff up until a new application was needed only hours later. With the billy jealousy brand, I have not been happier. A tiny bit goes a far way and was surprised how well my hair kept form morning to evening as well as after windy days.
  • The best hair product out there for me. I've tried over 10 brands. Makes my thick straight hair light, movable, a natural shine, never "crusty" or oily. Really allows me to put a wave or natural look on my head with or sans comb. Billy--please keep making this!
  • I have very fine hair and this product is one of the few that I've gotten that actually does not weigh down the hair and styles it nicely. Just use a very small amount as too much gets sticky and difficult to work with.

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