Bigfoot Shaves Kit

Best Valentine's Gift for the Well-Groomed Man

Why people love it
  • Great for men with sensitive skin; reduces the risk of nicks and cuts
  • Vintage style, modern design, excellent shave
  • Heavy duty design; will last for years of regular use

Great traveling shaver, comes with mirror and razor case. Plus, it's high quality, affordable, durable, and elegant.

Difficult to adjust or change blades.


Details: If he's a traveling man who likes to keep his facial hair under control, this is the gift for him. It's a travel shaving kit, complete with razor, mirror, and carrying case. It comes with durable razor heads that will last for a lot of shaves—on par with top-rated razors like Gillette.

The vintage-style razor looks elegant, a design he'll love. Yet the blades are developed with modern technology that guarantees a very close shave. The head has been designed to reduce the risk of cuts and nicks, making it ideal for gentlemen with sensitive skin.

Price: $16 is a great price to pay for this traveling shaving kit. It's elegant, beautiful, and compact enough to fit into any luggage.

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