Big Skinny Compact Sports Wallet

Best High-Capacity Skinny Wallet for Men

Why people love it

  • High-capacity skinny wallet 
  • Extremely durable nylon microfiber 
  • Compact bifold wallet 

When you think of slim or minimalist wallets, you’re typically going to have to compromise something—maybe you’ll lose the cash or you’ll have to cut back on the number of cards. The Big Skinny Compact Sports Wallet is unlike most wallets in that respect as it can easily hold up to 15 cards while still remaining slimmer than the standard bifold wallet.

None, really. Unless you were hoping for something super stylish that could be used for all occasions (which this is not). 


Size: Because this wallet can hold many more cards and cash than the other wallets on this list (and other slim wallets, in general), you may find that it’s a little bigger in size (though not by much). If you're still unsure, we suggest you check out this video to get a sense of the size and capacity.

Security: This wallet is really well-constructed, not only in terms of the machine washable nylon fiber material, but because of the rubberized interior of the pockets which hold cash and cards securely in place.

Price: There are other slim and minimalist wallets on this list that go for about the same price, but they won’t hold as much as this one does. So if capacity matters to you, you can't beat this price.

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