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Biddeford Comfort Knit Electric Heated
  • Super soft and warm; the ideal knit blanket for cold winters
  • Heating element delivers excellent warmth with 10 heat settings
  • A comfortable, stylish blanket
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Knitted fabric is ultra warm, 10 heat settings, auto shut-off, 100% polyester, 5-year warranty, machine washable, dual controls, beautifully soft fabric, thick padding, good control placement, and ultra-thin wires.

Quality control is iffy, and a few users report some genuine safety risks.


Material: This blanket is made from 100% polyester, but with a knitted fabric design that makes it super warm and surprisingly thick and padded. You'll find it's one of the heavier blankets on our list, but the extra weight makes you feel warmer while in bed or on the couch. It's soft to the touch, and the knitted design is more effective at trapping body heat.

The blanket is machine washable, but some users caution against it—warning of safety hazards due to faulty wiring and poor quality control.

Heating: The heating element comes with 10 power settings, with dual controls that allow both partners to adjust their temperature as desired. The controls are situated in an easily accessible location on the blanket, and are designed to be easy to adjust. The 10-hour auto shut-off feature will guarantee that you are safe under the blanket no matter how long you use it. The wiring is ultra-thin, so you won't feel it while you're lying under the blanket.

Price: Priced at just under $45, this is a pretty great choice for a warm winter blanket. It will keep the chill out and your body heat in more effectively than most of the other blankets on our list, and the knitted fabric is surprisingly durable.


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