Why people love it
  • MicroModal/Spandex
  • Specially designed for package concealment
  • Very usable front and rear pockets with faux fly

Not only are they made with Yoga in mind, but they're useful for martial arts, Pilates, and even hitting the gym. There's a bit of Spandex in the material to give the pants stretch, but the lightweight pants feel great on your skin thanks to the cotton fibers.

What Reviewers Say:

  • You can just stop looking for yoga pants right now and buy these because you'll NEVER find a better pair! I bought mine before amazon started carrying them, so have quite a bit of yoga time and experience with the pants. First off, they are amazingly comfortable for yoga. No more seams that catch you in the crotch or rub you the wrong way somewhere. No zippers either. Just plenty of give and stretch in all the right places. Second, they are form fitting so you get the added benefit of the tactile feedback from the fabric against your skin which really helps you figure out where your body is in space. Third, they are sharp looking and nicely tailored so that you can wear them on the street, running errands before and after yoga or out to lunch. Fourth, they're designed in such a way that even though they are form fitting for performance, they are *modest* enough that no one's gonna know your bizness, know what I mean? And fifth, they are super easy to maintain. I just toss them in the washer and dryer and they come out perfect every time, and with no appreciable wear. The fabric is somewhat heavy, so you wouldn't wear these to a Bikram class, but it really feels luxuriously soft against your skin. Note that the pants do stretch, so if you like a really tight fit you can go down a size, and up one if you like it generous. If, like me, you've been on a quest for the ultimate men's yoga pants, you have found nirvana right here.
  • I like them so much that I am considering the new Bhujang Style Cobra Shorts 2.0 for not only yoga but indoor wall-climbing as well.
    Very impressed with the brand!
  • As another reviewer said, these are the best yoga pants for men I've seen. The waist is low, so the crotch doesn't sag. The legs are lean and flexible, so there's no extraneous fabric with which to contend. I'm relatively thin for my height (30" waist, 5'10", 30" inseam), so I ordered the small, and the length was perfect for me. It might be a little long for someone shorter, but easy enough to re-hem if the length gets in your way. Better too long than too short, since you can't add fabric. They also look as good as pictured. Usually not the case.

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