Bestspresso Gourmet Coffee Variety Pack

Best "Nespresso" Variety Pack

Why people love it
  • Excellent price and service
  • Good flavor and selection
  • Amazing packaging and works well in the machine

An amazing flavor selection at a totally reasonable price. More than that, you’ll appreciate the strong packaging and the compatibility with your machine.

If you’re really picky about your coffee, you may want to go another route.


We love this variety pack for the flavor options and the price. Together, it made it almost easy to rule out many of the options in this category. (The one we did struggle with was the Nespresso Variety Pack, which is a totally stunning mix, but when we lined the two options against each other, the Bestpresso just snuck into the winning spot)

Across the board, the flavors here are worth it, though you’ll obviously have your favorites; the range moves from light to high intensities, but without a decaf if that matters to you

And then there’s that price. It’s almost ridiculously low; you can feel really good about having that extra cup – and you probably will.

The packaging is definitely worth noting. Not only does it keep the coffee fresh, but the pods themselves are designed to make the most of how your Nespresso machine works.

Pod type: OriginalLine compatible

Intensity: Variable

Beans, roasts, origins, flavor, and aroma: There’s an obvious variety here, but you’ll get the:

  • Ristretto (high intensity)
  • Intenso (high intensity)
  • Arabica (light intensity)
  • Espresso (medium intensity)
  • Lungo (high intensity)
  • Verona (high intensity)

Price: Can you believe it? These cost about $40 for 120 cups of coffee; that’s around 30 cents a cup and we love, love, love that. That makes them roughly half the price of our runner-up on this category and still as tasty.

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