BESTOPE Makeup Brush Set

Best Value Small Set of Makeup Brushes

Why people love it
  • Amazing price
  • Excellent quality
  • Super soft

Some of the brush tips are a little too stiff. Plus, there’s no guide as to which brush to use for what.


This synthetic makeup brush set has everything you need to get going with advanced application. The handles are made of sturdy wood and alloy in black and silver. The bristles are very dense and perhaps a little too stiff for some users. But, that makes these an excellent choice for dry makeup products. They don’t do a bad job with creams, but you may want to go easy on the liquid makeup.

Despite being stiff, the bristles are rather soft and you’re not going to irritate your skin. On top of that, you get a 12-month worry-free warranty at such a low price. And, the customer service is something to rave about – which you won’t likely need to do as users find the high-quality all in order from the moment they unwrap them.

Number of pieces: 8

Brushes: Falt, precision tapered, round, precision round, angled, precision angled, tapered, precision flat

Case or storage: None 

Bristles: Premium synthetic hair that’s dense and soft

Price: The MSRP is $20, but you’ll find this for less than $10 at any given time. That’s a really great value for money.

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