Why people love it
  • Built with the latest in ergonomics; highly comfortable
  • Great for use at home and in the office
  • Excellent chair at an affordable price tag

Ergonomic design, comfy for long hours of use, easy to keep clean, adjustable height, easy to fit to any desk, perfect for smaller users, and features a well-padded seat and back.

Reviewers report that this chair doesn't lounge/recline easily, it gives off a strong rubber odor, and it may tip over from time to time.


Details: If you want a chair that offers ergonomic comfort, you'll love this bad boy. While it's not the easiest chair to assemble, once it's ready to go you'll find it gives you many happy hours of sitting. The seat and back padding is thick, and the design sleek enough to give you cushioning without adding extra pressure to the back of your knees.

The seat is sized for smaller users (anyone over 6' may find it a bit small), but the adjustable height makes it a versatile choice that fits under any desk. On the downside, the recline is a tad difficult and may cause the seat to tip over.

Features: This seat comes with all the features you'd expect from a comfy office chair: hydraulic adjustment system, padded (non-adjustable) arms, smooth rolling wheels, and a solid chair base. The back height is a bit short for very tall users, but average-sized people will have no trouble leaning back in comfort. All in all, it's a good choice for anyone who spends long hours sitting.

Price: At $65, this is one of the best of the cheap office chairs on our list. It's definitely not the Rolls Royce of office chairs, but it does deliver excellent comfort, ergonomics, and support for your back and shoulders.

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