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Work and play anywhere in the world with the BESTEK adapter and converter.

  • You get 3 USA outlets plus 4 USB charging ports
  • USB charging ports allow for tablets, phones and other devices and work for Apple and Android products
  • Works in over 150 countries

Not all power converters are this portable or easy to use. Plenty of them are still quite awkward and clumsy. This one from BESTEK is neither. More than that, this Amazon #1 Bestseller (in the Electrical Multi-Outlets category) also works as an adaptor.  

When travelling outside of North America, you usually need a converter as well as an adaptor. Most countries work with a 220 volt power supply, not the 110-120 volts Americans use. Without an appropriate converter, some of your precious gadgets are likely to overheat (if not die altogether).

You have some choice when purchasing a converter / adaptor combo, but not a lot. There are simply too many products that over-promise on what they deliver. This is a solid choice with an Amazon rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.  

What Reviewers Say:

Most reviewers report spending a lot of time researching their options and settling on this product.

  • "Perfection! My family and I travel a LOT, and have bought a LOT of chargers. So many have promised big things, but as soon as I plug in a high charge item like my curling iron or blow drier or camera battery charger, it blows….wiping out that item for the whole trip!"
  • "And this is money well spent!"
  • "This was the single best purchase we made prior to our month long vacation in Europe. We are a family of five with many electronic devices, and this adapter made it possible for us to keep everything charged. We kept it in a carry-on bag and it was the first thing we took out and the last thing we packed up at each hotel or apartment."

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