6  Best Yoga & Pilates Mats

6 Best Yoga & Pilates Mats

We all know the truth: Practicing this ancient art of movement and balance has mad benefits!

Here's the proof:

A study by Arizona State University demonstrated that this practice can improve your blood pressure, strengthen your upper body, and increase your endurance and flexibility.

Another study in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine proved that this practice:

  • Regulates the hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal glands, which helps to balance your hormones;
  • Affects the sympathetic nervous system, which helps to manage stress and improve circulation to the organs;
  • Improves mental health.

One study found that this exercise can help to reduce chronic lower back pain, while this study proved that this can help to reduce osteoarthritis pains and stiffness. Another study discovered that it helps to increase mobility and reduce discomfort among rheumatoid arthritis sufferers. If you are just starting out, yoga teacher Raghunath gives a basic tutorial with 4 Key Beginner Yoga Poses for Men over at DoYouYoga.com.

Regular practitioners know exactly how wonderful the RIGHT equipment can be. Between the cushioning, extra friction, and stability provided by the surface, it makes for an excellent practice.

After more than 20 hours of research—scouring through all the options that are currently available and testing a handful of the best styles and brands in real life scenarios, we found the 7 best options on the market today.

We evaluated pros and cons, durability, specifications, and experiential usage to determine the qualifications of a great choice. We even went a step further and categorized each one as the best for each of the major types of usage.