Athleta Petal Salutation 7/8 Ankle Tight

Best Yoga Leggings Overall

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Why people love it
  • Super soft fabric 
  • Flattering fit
  • Beautiful design 

These yoga leggings from Athleta hit all the right checkboxes: they’re flattering, super soft and comfortable, and the compression hides all your bumps and lumps. Add to that a great selection of colors, and you’ve got an overall great pair of yoga leggings for women.

There aren’t too many negative reviews for these leggings. We'd just advise you to double-check their sizing specs before you purchase these.


Quality: Athleta is generally known for its high-quality workout wear, and these yoga leggings are no exception. They’ve created not only a great looking set of yoga leggings, but they’ve also done a fantastic job designing something very comfortable, durable, and well-constructed. 

Style: Although there’s currently only one color/design available, it’s absolutely beautiful. In addition to offering a flattering compression stretch, these leggings also highlight the length and curves of legs beautifully. 

Price: These are some of the more expensive leggings on this list, but they’re worth every penny.

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