9 Best Workout Shorts

9 Best Workout Shorts


After 14 hours of research evaluating 75 products, we picked Champion Men's Long Mesh Short as our top choice.

Pants can be stuffy, constricting, and make you sweat more than you want. Especially during an intense workout.

Thankfully, shorts are always appropriate for working out.

Gym shorts, board shorts, basketball shorts, compression shorts, cycling shorts—workout shorts come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Finding the right pair of shorts for your workout may be easier said than done, given how many options there are.

Don't sweat it: we've got you covered!

We've done the research of finding the best shorts for every type of workout. Whether you want yoga shorts, running shorts, extra-long shorts, uber-short shorts, or just something lightweight, we've got a pair for you. Read on to find the best athletic shorts on the market.

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